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Best Looking Avocado Toast You Have Ever Seen.

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Best Looking Avocado Toast You Have Ever Seen.

Vegan Fashion Week is here! Join us on this special #LunchBreakLIVE with The Vegan Company’s creators Melissa Hobbs and Sally Souter making a scrumptious True Aussie Brunch Avocado Toast with avocado, lemon, crushed pepper, sea salt, and vegan feta cheese! For all fashion, beauty and lifestyle desires, head to The Vegan Company’s website: www.TheVeganCompany.love



The Recipe


Smashed Avocado on Toast 
Serves 5
3 x avocados
Bread of your choice (two slices per person). We love wholegrain sourdough
Olive Oil
Sea salt
Optional extras
Chilli flakes
Sesame/sunflower seeds
Red Onion
Chopped tomatoes
Vegan Feta
  • Halve the avocado, remove the stone and scoop avo into a bowl.
  • Use a fork to roughly mash (but leave relatively chunky. Season with salt, pepper, lots of lemon and a splash of olive oil.
  • Slice bread into thick pieces and toast. Ensure it’s properly toasted and crisp.
  • When the toast is ready, heaps of smashed avo onto toast and serve with optional extras.
  • Enjoy!
Make sure you pick ripe avocados. Give them a gentle squeeze on top to see if they’re ready.
Pick a great bread – we love a whole grain sourdough. Make sure it’s crispy when toasted.
Keep the smash chunky. The difference over guacamole is that it’s not creamy.
Be generous with the lemon and serving
Serve extras on the side so everyone can customize it.
Some of the ingredients for the avocado toast.


The finished product. how delicious does this look?


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The final product with all the customizable fixins’.


After you have made this awesome creation, head on over to The Vegan Company to find out all the latest vegan news, read vegan lifestyle articles, catch up on the vegan fashion trends, do some cruelty-free shopping, and more!


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