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Koya Webb Whips Up High Protein Bliss Balls!

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Koya Webb Whips Up High Protein Bliss Balls!

These blissful balls are made of sweets, spice, and everything nice!

LunchBreakLIVE with the lovely Koya Webb, a wellness visionary, author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, and founder of Get Loved Up, a conscious community that practices daily self-care and makes healthy living a priority to promote healing, social justice and spiritual connection. “Get Loved Up” means love the planet, love others and love yourself! Koya is making bliss balls with her spectacular protein powder.

Koya and Jane spread love!


Koya recommends using dates that have the pits in them so that they have more moisture than the pitted ones, yet remove the pits before you blend. She adds the pitted dates to a food processor with raw walnuts. Then she tosses in a couple of scoops of her signature “Get Loved Up” vanilla moringa superfood protein. She adds three scoops of her friend’s iRise Cacao, which she says is the most delicious nutrient-packed cacao powder. Koya explains adding a little cinnamon to the mixture helps curb your appetite. These balls are going to make you full of energy like Koya! Maybe if you get active enough, you might get into great shape like her!
Paige and Koya pose with her fiercely uplifting book!


Koya and her friends get their bliss ball taste test on with Koya! Jane, not to be left out, hops in to try one and gets a mouthful of bliss too! They are chocolatey and nutty and all-around good! Koya explains that if you’re feeling sassy you can add a little cayenne pepper to get an extra kick. “Get Loved Up” and try making your own bliss balls at home with Koya’s elevating recipe below!
Koya has the most taste testers we’ve ever seen thanks to the students from her yoga training classes!

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Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnChained News Network.
Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Koya’s High Protein Chocolate Delicious Bliss Balls 

2 Cups of raw walnuts

1 Cup of dates with pits

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4 scoops of Cocoa Bliss

2 Scoops of protein powder

1 Tsp Cinnamon

1Tsp of Vanilla

Pinch of Cayenne pepper powder “if you’re feeling sassy”

Koya Webb Whips Up High Protein Bliss Balls!

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