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Denny’s Gives Out Free Beyond Burgers!

Denny’s Gives Out Free Beyond Burgers!

The Jane Unchained crew enjoyed their Beyond Burgers and so can you!

Big vegan news with LunchBreakLIVE at your Denny’s Restaurant for a where Jane and her crew of taste testers tried the new free Beyond Meat plant-based burger!  Sean Hill, Kimberley Delgado, Pamela Whistley, and Stephon Litwinczuk and Jane go LIVE at the Denny’s in Culver City, CA! This is part of Denny’s nationwide rollout of the vegan Beyond Meat Burger to ALL of its 1,700 locations in the U.S. and Canada! This is a major breakthrough for the plant-based movement, which is exploding on the world stage! Visit Denny’s and order your Beyond Burger to ensure this stays on the menu! Vegans, just ask for no cheese and no sauce and add ketchup and mustard instead! While we were here, they sold out!!! 

Sean Hill said the burgers tasted just as flavorful as meat, and he wouldn’t know the difference!

Denny’s just took a giant step into the future by offering this amazingly delicious vegan Beyond Meat Burger! Today, vegans and pre vegans alike rejoiced in free Beyond Burgers nationwide! Jane and the LunchbreakLIVE crew were no exception as they chomped down all of the delicious plant-based goodness! Sean Hill said maybe it’s been a while since he’s had meat but he swears he can’t tell the difference! This burger has all the taste and none of the cruelty. Jane adds that Beyond Burgers and other plant-based meats are better for people because they don’t have any of the heart disease-causing cholesterol, antibiotics, or hormones!

Jane is always over the moon when she sees a new plant-based option!
We are so happy to see these mainstream restaurants that had very little or no vegan options take a bold leap into the correct side of history with plant-based options! We are all excited to try this new Beyond Meat Burger! We hope you will too! Jane explains that by showing demand for vegan options like these, we help keep it on the menu. Denny’s joins an amazing shift towards offering plant-based offerings alongside other franchises like Del Taco, Carl’s Jr., Burger King, Friday’s, and Starbucks. Show these companies that vegan options are in demand by voting with your dollar and grabbing your own Beyond Burger at Dennys or any other restaurant where plant-based options are served!
Make sure to skip the cheese and sauce to keep this mesmerizing burger plant-based!
Denny’s is invited on at any time to respond.
Kim Delgado is all smiles before she takes her taste buds above and Beyond!
Yum Yum Yum… Pamela Whistley shows plant-based options are fun for everyone!
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