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FOY Life Is A Place To Unwind While Eating Good Food

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FOY Life Is A Place To Unwind While Eating Good Food

Unwind and enjoy a cup of tea and avocado toast at the relaxing holistic wellness space FOY life, Fountain Of Youth, located in the beautiful city of Agoura Hills, California.

Offering yoga, meditation, sound baths, massages, facials and more, this FOY life wellness space is amazing! With a ?% plant-based menu with tons of superfoods included.  Enjoy small-batch San Diego made Mkombucha while shopping for candles, gifts, Kai perfumes, body creams, and diffusers by Gaye Straza, luxury female yoga wear by Beyond Yoga and luxury male yoga clothes by Coroa.



FOY life is such a wonderful space, let’s learn a little more about them (taken from their website):

FOY Life was inspired by a life-changing diagnosis. We had a choice to either let the effects of not living a life in balance set the groundwork for how we would live the rest of our life, or instead choose the path towards health, awareness and light.

We passionately decided to build a community that not only assists in the healing process, but encourages personal responsibility to maintain and advance well-being. These alternative healing therapies have been instrumental in the complete reversal of damage that was done when not focusing on longevity.

As children, wellness was not a topic spoken about or part of our educational system. We weren’t taught to put ourselves first, nor reflect internally on what was best for us to live a long and healthy life.

We now understand the need for alternative healing options and education, at all ages, that can encourage sustainable progress in the healing journey.

We decided to bring the most effective healing options and educational opportunities together in one convenient location. By doing so, we are offering a space to allow comprehensive coordinated care in a community of healers where we work together to focus on all our needs.

We are passionate about inspiring others to live their best life and we’re excited to simplify the journey towards health, wellness, longevity and a Fountain of Youth (FOY) Life for everyone through our teas, therapies, education and community.


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