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Live Long & Look Great! Go Vegan!

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Live Long & Look Great! Go Vegan!

Live Long, Look Great, Go Vegan!

Fuel Your Vessel to Live Long & Look Great

It’s a universal fantasy that’s inspired classic novels and historic voyages: the fountain of youth, living forever while looking great and feeling like a teenager.  For many seniors, the sad reality is quite the opposite: adult diapers, a cabinet full of pills and an unsightly walker. But, one very youthful septuagenarian says it doesn’t have to be that way. If we choose the right fuel, we can live long and look great.

Karyn Calabrese is here to help all of us find the best version of ourselves. Now 73 years old, Calabrese has been vegan for 50 years. She’s an innovative leader in the health and holistic world, and an expert in how to cleanse your body and then replenish it with nutrients, antioxidants, and superfoods in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. This raw foodist and restaurateur has the longest-standing, gourmet, raw food restaurant in the United States:  Karyn’s Raw Bistro in Chicago! Check out our interview with this dynamic vegan!

“My mother died at 47. My grandmother died at 50. Women weren’t known for longevity in my family. They all died of degenerative diseases –cancer, diabetes– and I was a pretty sickly child,” Calabrese said, explaining what inspired  her journey to radical health. She’s been a raw vegan for over 30 years!

Admirable! But you really don’t have to go raw to get all the benefits of cutting dead bodies from your diet.

Look great! Vegan Karyn Calabrese
Karyn Calabrese has been a raw vegan for 30 years!

Calabrese made the decision to thrive by embracing the plant-based lifestyle and all of its benefits. Her acne went away, her stomach feels great, and she is radically reducing her risk of a heart attack! We all hope to look and feel as good as she does at 73.

Feel great, Look great!

Going vegan is the easiest way to do your body the greatest good.

Studies have shown that eating a vegan diet reduces the risk for a number of diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

“Everything you put into your mouth is going to affect your whole body.” Calabrese explains how important it is to understand the body as an interconnected system. “We don’t have to compartmentalize the body. Everything is connected. Everything is systemically connected to each other. You can’t affect one thing and not affect everything.”

We aren’t graveyards. Why fuel our bodies with carcasses?

Look Great like Karyn
Karyn Calabrese found the secret to youth, but she’s here to share!

We Are Here to Evolve

Not everyone is going raw vegan overnight.

“Do we always make the right choices? Of course not, we’re human beings, and part of the process is to learn how to evolve and learn about life. That’s what we’re really here for. Evolution. To evolve.” Calabrese promotes a gradual move into the vegan lifestyle.

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Look great! Vegan Karyn Calabrese
We all hope to look and feel as fantastic as Karyn does at 73!



And, she’s right, we are here to evolve. But, why has only a tiny portion of the population chosen to evolve away from exploiting the bodies of other beings? Plant-based diets are on the rise, but not fast enough. Factory farming and cattle ranching are destroying the planet at a rapid rate. And, in the process, we’re killing ourselves!

“The body, intuitively, wants to thrive. Not just survive” -Calabrese

So let’s live long lives, and thrive while doing it! The fountain of youth is right on your plate!

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  • Pfeiffer says she went vegan for health reasons, but also to maintain her complexion. “Eating a vegan diet it’s just so much healthier and you avoid a lot of toxins that could age your skin and your body. I really noticed a difference in my skin not too long after switching to fully vegan,” she told

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