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Vejii: New Online Vegan Marketplace

Vejii: New Online Vegan Marketplace

Man looking at a landscape and the words "That's why we are building the largest vegan marketplace"

Vejii’s Mission: The World’s Largest Vegan Marketplace

Vejii - on a mission.

Vejii is the new online vegan retailer that allows you to easily purchase most of the vegan products you need. Created just a few months ago, it’s growing very fast. And, if it keeps growing, it may expand to other countries and become the world’s largest vegan marketplace. The trend toward online vegan shopping also includes the long-running Vegan Essentials, the much newer GTFOIt’sVegan, and others. With veganism skyrocketing, there’s room for many, and Vejii aims to stand out!

Building A Massive Online Vegan Marketplace

Kory Zelickson is a British Columbia-based engineer with over 15 years in tech innovation. Now he’s focused like a Jedi on trying to create the world’s largest vegan marketplace. In March 2020, he became the CEO of Vejii. And this massive online retailer has been growing ever since.

Kory Zelickson
Kory Zelickson , CEO of Vejii @Vegii contributor Elysabeth Alfano interviewed Kory for her Plantbased Business Hour channel. You can read some of its highlights here and watch the entire video below. She asked him about his vegan journey:

“My process was over the course of about 10 years. We were living in the Caribbean, and the meat supply there was very poor. It was imported and half the time it was half-rotten by the time it got into your house. I watched Forks over Knives. Then, I started learning about slaughterhouse videos. That’s when I started eliminating meat from our diets.

“In our house, my wife and I are vegan. And the kids are as well. It’s amazing seeing my 5-year-old and my 10-year-old. They are so aware of the food they are eating now.”

Create a Unique Experience for Customers

Screenshot of Vejii's Instagram page
Vejii’s Instagram page @Vejii

Vejii is more than just a website with lots of vegan products. Kory is determined to make a trip to a unique experience. He says:

“Our goal is to have everything you need to buy for a plant-based diet all together in one location.

“Grocery stores don’t have the amount of selection yet that we can offer. When you go to a grocery store you still need to go down the aisles and read the labels. People can come to our site and know that everything is vegan. That is a differentiator for us.

“We’re getting involved with a lot of influencer and celebrity relationships and adding Instagram reels and educational information. And recipes that come through the video where you can click and buy the entire assortment of products you need for that recipe.”

“The goal is to help further mainstream vegan and plant-based products. Our mission is to provide the largest assortment of vegan products in a consolidated shopping experience.”Kory Zelickson, CEO of Vejii

The Surprising Bestseller of This Vegan Marketplace

Logos of the top brands selling in Vejiis
Top vegan brands selling their products in Vejii @Vejii

“The most popular categories for consumers are plant-based meat, dairy, and seafood. Right now, our top seller might be the vegan shrimp. For that reason, we launched Vejii Express. Which is an accelerated delivery platform for the most popular products that are on the site.”

Vejii also helps new vegan startups that need a place to sell their products. I went to the Brands page of Vejii’s site, and I counted more than 400. Says Kory:

“Brands can come to us, and they can onboard directly into the platform through our vendor portal. Brands that are startups that want to get national exposure can list their products on our site. And we will promote and sell them to our consumers throughout the country. Since we launched, we have been overwhelmed by the number of brands that have approached us.”

“We’re going to continue to see growth in online shopping. That was trending already before Covid even happened. In terms of our market, plant-based seafood is going to be the next big trend.”Kory Zelickson, CEO of Vejii

Artificial Intelligence Is Key for the Largest Vegan Marketplace

Elysabeth Alfano and Kory Zelickson in a zoom meeting
Elysabeth Alfano and Kory Zelickson

Kory’s engineering background is perfect for using data generated online to improve the company performance and customers experience.

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“We look at sales data from on-site purchasing to determine which product categories and brands are trending. We are also able to capture search data to better understand any gaps in the offering. This data is important in order for us to stay on trend with new and innovative product categories and to ensure that we are providing a comprehensive offering of products that interest our customers.”

“AI is generally used in e-commerce platforms to provide a unique experience for each customer. For example, based on your browsing and purchasing habits, you would be presented with a unique product offering better catered to your taste. By providing each customer with a tailored experience that aligns with their interests, we provide an improved customer experience and have the ability to improve conversion rates and basket price as a result.”

Not Quite All Vegan Products Yet, But Getting There

Elysabeth Alfano and Kory Zelickson in a zoom meeting looking at Vejii's website
Elysabeth Alfano and Kory Zelickson looking at Vejii’s website

The ambition of becoming the world’s largest vegan marketplace where you can find all vegan products is huge. Vejji is not yet there though, as they still don’t sell clothes or fresh produce. It would be great if they could eventually sell fruits and vegetables from veganic farming. But Kory has just started:

“I definitely do anticipate having fashion and beauty products on this site. I think over the next couple of years it will be very exciting to see major brands adding vegan product lines into the offering, like Vegan Leather goods, luxury brands, and handbags. I think it will be a new category and there is great potential for growth too… Maybe one day we’ll be selling cars on our site.”

“In the industry that we are in, more and more consumers can choose where they are purchasing from and choose a company that is most aligned with the own ethics and values.” Kory Zelickson, CEO of Vejii





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