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Fake news headline on a newspaper
Misinformation to Demonize Vegan Food Exposed in New Report

A new report by the Freedom Food Alliance exposes a campaign of misinformation, run by the animal agriculture industry, aiming to demonize vegan food Los Angeles, June 10th, 2024 — The noticeable rise of veganism in the last few decades has triggered a response, a highly organized misinformation campaign by the animal agriculture industry aimed at stopping the plant-based movement in its tracks.

Angela Yvonne to the greenside
Angela Yvonne, Your Concierge to the Greenside

Angela Yvonne, the creator of the brand Vegan Pop Eats, is helping people to become vegan and move to the greenside London, England, December 24th, 6 am – There is the greenside, where people eat plants, get healthier, lower their carbon footprint and reduce animal suffering.  Angela Yvonnne believes that, for everyone’s sake, all humans should eventually move to the greenside.

LA Vegan Food Bank
LA’s First Vegan Food Bank Scores!

LA’s first vegan food bank: helping underserved Angelinos with healthy and compassionate food since launching in May 2022. Los Angeles, CA, November 22, 2022, 3:30pm —   The new L.A. Vegan Food Bank is feeding people and rocking out the revolutionary concept of food equality.

Bringing vegan meals to schools (c)SCIL
Bringing Vegan Meals to Schools in California

Judie Mancuso is Bringing Vegan Meals to California Schools If something happens in California, you know it’s going to have an impact around the country, right? If we want to bring vegan meals to schools across the US, best to do it first in California.

Tracye McQuirter
Tracye McQuirter Leading 10 Million Black Vegan Women

The Black Vegan Revolution Get ready, because it’s coming. Can you imagine 10 million Black vegan women spearheading the vegan revolution in the USA? I can, now that I have learned about Tracye McQuirter. There are about 43 million African Americans in the USA, of whom 22 million are females.

Fram animals in a filed with red crosses on them
Stop Rearing Livestock… The Climate Solution!

We All Need to Transition to Plant-based Agriculture Paul Simon’s rock classic, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, lists the many ways to escape a bad relationship. Now, vegan activist Rebecca Knowles gives us 100 ways ranchers and farmers can escape from animal agriculture.

Man wearing a shirt looking at the camera
Vegan Entrepreneur Matthew Glover: From Fast Cars to Compassion!

British Entrepreneur Matthew Glover’s Journey to Compassion Famed vegan entrepreneur Matthew Glover gave a very revealing interview to Elysabeth Alfano of Plantbased Business Hour in July of 2020.  You can watch Who is the Creator of Veganuary, Million Dollar Vegan and now Veg Capital?

Climate change fires
Climate Emergency Reality Check: A Shocking Expert Interview!

Dr. Peter Carter’s Wakeup Call Everyone Must Hear! In November 2020, Roger Hallam, one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion, interviewed climate expert Dr Peter Carter. JaneUnChained editor Jane Velez-Mitchel asked me to review the 40-minute abridged video of this interview, as I did with Greta Thunberg’s latest film.

Regan Russell Animal Activist
Remembering Regan Russell A Year after Her Death!

A Year After Her Tragic Dead, Vegans Around the World Remember Regan Russell A year has passed, and the memory is still fresh. On Friday, June 19, 2020, the Canadian animal rights activist Regan Russell was killed during a vigil outside of a pig slaughterhouse in Ontario, Canada.

Mandy with her animal friends at Black Sheep Retreat & Sanctuary near Cancun, Mexico.

By JaneUnChained Contributor Lindsey Baker, host of The Action Hour Mexico’s Black Sheep Sanctuary Retreat: Born in a Moment of Compassion for an Animal! I remember the first time I spoke to Mandy Vara, founder of Black Sheep Sanctuary Retreat, near Cancun, Mexico.  It was 10 minutes before going #Live on my show the Action Hour on JaneUnChained News Network .