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Vegan Pad Thai + The Produce Section Challenge!

Vegan Pad Thai + The Produce Section Challenge!

Produce Section Challenge? What’s that? Find out all about it and more on today’s #LunchBreakLIVE with the fabulous Marley Ficalora, film and television actor, whom you may have seen on Law and Order, he’s the creator of the TV Show “Produce Section Challenge.” Watch and learn Marley’s tips and tricks in the kitchen!



Marley Ficalora is a television actor and founder of the produce section challenge who grew up in New York and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Marley’s passion is showcasing the many positive benefits of accepting a plant-based diet. He was born and raised a vegetarian and has never eaten meat or fish.

Marley’s growing 100,000+ fans engage him daily on how to eat healthy, how to protect our environment, and how to save the animals. He is also a working actor who has appeared on television shows and movies.   Marley has starred on Law and Order: SVU, Deadly Sins, Bait, Grease Live, One Life to Live and many more.

Marley continues spreading his positive outlook by uploading new vegan videos every week.

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Marley in the kitchen after shooting #LunchBreakLIVE.


Ingredients used to make the Pad Thai Marley whipped up.


The delicious finished product.


If you want to learn how to make this delicious meal, please watch the video above.  It’s super fast and easy!

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