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Dual Anniversary Party at BESTIES Vegan Paradise!

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Dual Anniversary Party at BESTIES Vegan Paradise!

BESTIES is your one-stop vegan shop! They are dedicated to selling products from the most ethical businesses that don’t sell animal products.

JaneUnchained LIVE at the amazing vegan grocery store BESTIES Vegan Paradise on this New Year’s Day to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Animal Alliance Network’s holding weekly pig vigils. We are also celebrating BESTIES Vegan Paradise being open for 1 year! Over the last couple of years, the Animal Alliance Network’s weekly Wednesday night pig vigils have contributed so much to our lives by inviting us to be a part of a community of activists filled with compassion, kindness, and love. Bound by the simple notion that every living being has the equal right to live a life free of pain, torture, abuse, cruelty, and oppression. Now, what’s so radical about that?!

The best holidays are spent with our family of activists!

BESTIES and Animal Alliance Network started the year off right celebrating their dual anniversaries with the people that matter to them the most, the activist community. The store was filled with love from the most compassionate people you will find who come out every week to bear witness to animals who are on their way to slaughter. This celebration was a way for BESTIES and Animal Alliance Network to give back to this incredible community of activists. As soon as you walked in there was an amazing cheese plate  There was amazing food made by Celia Asebedo and Just Vegana. There were beautiful cakes by KindRoots with designs for the store and the nonprofit. Mama Chingona Vegana brought a delicious cookie pie to share. It was an all-around celebration of this amazing community and all it has been doing to raise awareness for the animals! Best New Year ever at BESTIES! Check their store out the next time you are in the LA area!

Activists enjoyed the food and fun!

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(929) 456-4882
Cesar Asebedo shows off his loaded tostada!

Attend a weekly vigil with Los Angeles Animal Save on Sundays and with Animal Alliance Network on Wednesdays.

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Connect with your local Animal Save Movement chapter to attend a vigil and get involved.

Amber “Mama Chingona Vegana” shows off her delicious cookie cake!
Amazingly decorated delicious desserts by KindRoots and Mama Chingona Vegana.
Matt, one of the owners of BESTIES, gave a riveting speech!
The delicious spread by Celia Asebedo and Just Vegana was drool-worthy!
We love it when parents try vegan food at events!
The store was packed with love and smiles!
Party-goers brought their 4-legged friends too!
The vegan babies were in the house!
The vegan cheese and fruit board made by Asia was a dream come true!
Jonathan Ohayan of F.A.K.E. dove right in! Haha!
We’re so happy to celebrate BESTIES being in business for a year!
Animal Alliance Network is proud to celebrate 2 years of animal rights!


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