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Plant-Based Pasta Protein Power Punch!

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Plant-Based Pasta Protein Power Punch!

Plant-Based Pasta Protein Power Punch!  Wow, that is a mouthful, and that is what was made on this episode of #LunchBreakLIVE.  Guest Chef John Orlandini is a passionate Animal Welfare Advocate and Humanitarian, with a background as a Fitness Personality, Commercial Model, Reality TV Personality, Musician, Talk Radio Host, and Motivational Speaker.  He has appeared on Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Phil and GMA.

Now let’s get cooking…



John is not only an amazing cook, but he is an all-around amazing human.  His life, his mission, his passion, is Animal Welfare and Humanity.  As mentioned previously he has quite an extensive background and puts himself out there to get his message out to the masses.  He says his love for animals has saved him in life.  His first rescue was at 10 yrs old.  He is an educator about animal welfare, animal shelter reform, drug and alcohol abuse, antibullying, and cancer awareness, and of course, living a vegan lifestyle and health and wellness.


LunchBreakLIVE JaneUnChained Vegan Recipe
John getting ready to cook on #LunchBreakLIVE.


vegan recipe lunchbreaklive janeunchained
Some of the ingredients for this protein powered meal.


vegan recipe lunchbreaklive janeunchained
More ingredients for this pasta dish.


LunchBreakLIVE JaneUnChained
Jane and John posing with the protein-packed pasta dish.


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vegan pasta recipe LunchBreakLIVE
The finished dish! Delicious!


Here is the list of ingredients for this protein-packed pasta!  Be sure to watch the video to see how to make this quick and easy meal!

Plant-based Pasta With A  Protein Power Punch 

1)Vegetable Pasta
2) Black Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Raw Spinach, Raw Mushrooms
3) Daiya Mozzarella Cheese
4) Coconut/Avocado oil
5) Red Sauce
6) Italian Spices
7) Turmeric Powder
8) Kale Powder
9) Beyond Meat Sausage
10) Vegan Meatballs
11) Beyond Meat Ground Beef
12) Pinto Beans



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