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Vegan Milkshake With That Chai Kick

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Vegan Milkshake With That Chai Kick

vegan milshake Tonia Carrier

Chai Tea Vegan Milkshake

I would never think of making a chai tea milkshake, but your vegan friend Tonia did!  Not a surprise because she is super creative in the kitchen, always coming up with incredible vegan recipes.  On this episode of #LunchBreakLIVE, she shows us how to make this low calorie, inexpensive, healthy milkshake that is sure to rock your tastebuds.  Check it out…



Vegan Milkshakes And So Much More!

Tonia has some serious kitchen skills, but her talents go above and beyond just the kitchen!  Tonia is a hairstylist and indie filmmaker from Michigan who has been doing vegan activism since 2018. She is grateful to represent the Midwest on the JaneUnchained News Network. And we love having her!  Tonia has a YouTube channel called Your Vegan Friend Tonia that you should definitely check out.  It is fresh and fun and filled with lots of delicious recipes, and other great videos about veganism and the vegan lifestyle.  From recipes to interviews, and visits to animal sanctuaries, you can find it all on Tonia’s YouTube channel.  


vegan milkshake ingredients
The ingredients for this easy chai tea vegan milkshake.


vegan milshake Tonia Carrier
Tonia enjoying her Chai Tea vegan milkshake.


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Are You Ready To Make This Easy Vegan Milkshake?

This is the perfect drink for a hot afternoon.  Cool and refreshing with the perfect amount of chai spice.  I will provide the recipe below for you so you can give this blended bliss a try for yourself at home.  I know I am definitely going to try this one.  No doubt.  I am not a huge hot tea fan but turn it into a milkshake and I am there!



Course Drinks
Servings 2 24 0z servings


  • 3 C. unsweet plant-based milk
  • 4 Twinings or other vegan brand! Chai teabags
  • 1 T. sweetener I used stevia
  • 1 t. real vanilla or 1.5t imitation vanilla
  • 1/4 t. cinnamon
  • 1/4 t. nutmeg
  • 3 frozen ripe bananas
  • 12 ice cubes


  • Bring 3 cups of plant-based milk to a boil. Be careful to remove instantly as it boils! Add the 4 chai tea bags, sweetener, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla to the milk. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
  • For one serving blend ½ tea mixture, 1 ½ bananas, and 6 ice cubes.


Variations-add vanilla plant-based protein powder if desired.
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Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


Let’s get Shakin’

Now go make a vegan milkshake!  And thanks so much for stopping by and joining us for this #LunchBreakLIVE show.  I know I had a blast and I hope you did too.  If you are looking for other awesome vegan recipes, be sure to check out some previous shows…there are a ton of recipes to choose from.  Until next time…

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  • Experimenting with different flavors of banana ice cream has become my way of celebrating what I crave most- chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, and now this chai shake. I know that for many of you, February has turned into Siberia, but in California where the average temp hovers around 70 degrees, milkshakes are a totally acceptable winter dessert. And, although frosty and cold, the chai spices warm this chocolate shake up enough that no matter your forecast, you re sure to love it.

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