Animal Rights Activism

Still from DxE video of the investigation on ventilation shutdown (DxE)
The Horror of Killing with Ventilation Shutdown

Time to Expose Ventilation Shutdown, and its Supporters If you don’t know what ventilation shutdown is, I cannot blame you. This is about turning off the airflow in a room, pumping in steam, and letting the heat rise until everyone inside dies in prolonged agony.

End Animal Experiments Banner

YOUR Taxes Fund Animal Experiments Animal experiments are in the news again. PETA has forced this issue with a new hard-hitting campaign. PETA simply wants a modern National Institutes of Health (NIH) director appointed, one who won’t blindly push and approve medieval, torturous, and useless experiments on animals paid for by you and me, the taxpayers.

Protests against the sale and wearing of fur swept through numerous cities.
International Anti-Fur March Day Sweeps Cities

International Anti-Fur March Day: #TimesUpFur From Manhattan to Los Angeles to Portland to the nation’s capital, hundreds of people took to the streets on Saturday, October 9th, 2021 for International Anti-Fur March Day to demand an end to the fur trade.

Meet the Systemic Change Expert Fixing Our Messed-Up Food System!

Meet The Authority on Systemic Change in Food #TimesUp Big Food. Systemic change is urgently needed to fix the catastrophe that is…. modern-day food consumption! Everyone knows it! Even guys huddled in man caves watching ESPN and scarfing down hot dogs are aware that something is VERY WRONG with the way we eat.

Jane O'Hara has a unique focus: the truth about animals vs the false imagery.
Vegan Painter Jane O’Hara’s Astonishing Art

Renowned Vegan, Animal Rights Painter JANE O’HARA Reveals Her New State of the Union Series by Jane O’Hara, vegan painter My new series is called State of the Union. I am painting all 50 states with the first goal of an exhibition at the New Bedford Art Museum in Massachusetts in June 2023.

Diane Warren at dinner with slaughterhouse owner.
How Songwriter Diane Warren Rescued 2 Escaped Cows!

Read this riveting, blow by blow, insider account by Simone Reyes (vegan activist, country singer and animal rescuer) of how she and songwriter Diane Warren rescued 2 escaped cows and got them to a safe home at Farm Sanctuary in June of 2021.

bear boy advocate
BEAR BOY: The True Story of A Boy Who Saved 2 Bears!

A Kind Boy, Two Forlorn Bears: Three Lives Changed! When Justin Barker was a boy, he read a book that would lead him to save the lives of two captive bears, and dedicate his life to advocating for animals.

Regan Russell Animal Activist
Remembering Regan Russell A Year after Her Death!

A Year After Her Tragic Dead, Vegans Around the World Remember Regan Russell A year has passed, and the memory is still fresh. On Friday, June 19, 2020, the Canadian animal rights activist Regan Russell was killed during a vigil outside of a pig slaughterhouse in Ontario, Canada.

Protesters at Fox News Headquarters in Manhattan.

 MEDIA REFUSES TO REPORT ANIMAL ABUSE LINK TO PANDEMICS Global protests across 60 cities and 20 countries. Sounds pretty major, right? Sounds pretty newsworthy, right? Activists from across the globe are out on the streets begging the mainstream media to make the connection: animal exploitation causes pandemics.

Anti-fur demo

SAKS FIFTH AVENUE WILL NO LONGER SELL FUR BY JANUARY 2023!  It was more than a quarter of a century ago that I cut up my Saks Fifth Avenue card and mailed the pieces to the department store with a letter that said… I will no longer shop at your store because you sell fur.