Animal Rights Activism

UnchainedTV's expert panel reacts to the not guilty verdicts.
The Rise of Animal Rights Trial Coverage

Hollywood, California, March 31st, 2023 – UnchainedTV, the world’s only 100% vegan-focused, animal rights streaming TV news network, is venturing into live trial coverage with expert panels, to bring the public crucial news they are not getting on mainstream television.

Alexandra Paul and Alicia Santurio Not Guilty (c)DxE
Alexandra Paul & Alicia Santurio Not Guilty in Chicken Rescue

Former Baywatch star Alexandra Paul and co-defendant Alicia Santurio were found not guilty of theft after rescuing two chickens from a Foster Farms’ truck in California Los Angeles, March 19, 2023 — Animal rights activists all over the country are celebrating that former Baywatch actress Alexandra Paul and co-defendant Alicia Santurio have been found not guilty of misdemeanor theft in a court in Merced, California, in another open rescue case.

Woman protesting for animals in lingerie
Women Bare It All For Animals in Lingerie Protests

Hollywood, California  – What exactly are… Lingerie Protests? Well, we’re all familiar with the phrase, “sex sells.” Now, groups of women all over the world are using the marketing power of the female body to force people to face the cruel treatment of animals in our food system.  Started by Australian supermodel Stefania Ferrario and vegan activist Tash Peterson, these lingerie protests feature women (and the occasional man) wearing nothing but sexy underwear to draw the attention of crowds to the plight of animals.  The scantily clad protestors hold signs portraying graphic images of animal suffering along with provocative slogans like “Abusing Animals is Not Sexy.” The captivating campaign kicked off in Australia and has spread to cities across the U.S., Europe and Japan!

Nina Jackel from Lady Freethinkers hugging a dog
The Secret to Lady Freethinker’s Huge Wins for Animals!

Learn the secret to Nina Jackel’s strategy to stop animal abuse through Lady Freethinker, her non-profit media powerhouse.  It’s a sad fact. As the global human population hits 8 billion, animal abuse is skyrocketing. But, there’s a more hopeful counterpoint reality.

Protest against pig slaughterhouse Farmer John
L.A.’s Pig Slaughterhouse ‘Farmer John’ to Close Down

Farmer John pig slaughterhouse, the largest pig slaughterhouse on the US West Coast, has announced it is shutting down in a few months. The Farmer John slaughterhouse, a 10-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles, is adorned with a long mural of happy pigs frolicking in the grass.

Authors of Antiracism in Animal Advocacy
Activists Speak Up About Antiracism in Animal Advocacy

In the new book Antiracism in Animal Advocacy, Animal Rights activists have spoken up about the existence of racism in the animal protection movement. Encompass is a US-based nonprofit working towards racial equity in animal advocacy. Founded in 2017 by Aryenish Birdie, it began studying this issue.

Utah's Humane Society held a protest on the steps of the Utah Capitol Building.
Utah’s “Extreme” Animal Enterprise Bill 476 Is Dead

Utah’s controversial Animal Enterprise Bill 476, which would have destroyed many animal protections, is dead after protests.   Animal welfare advocates are proclaiming victory after the stunning defeat of a bill that was being fast-tracked through Utah’s state legislature. Critics said the bill would have severely jeopardized any advances in animal protection that have been achieved in the state.

Ukrainian Refugees with pets
Animal Crisis in Ukraine as Russia Invades

Russia’s invasion has created an animal crisis in Ukraine. Many are fleeing with their companion animals while others have been forced to leave their beloved pets behind to fend for themselves. February, 28th, 2022 – This story is unfolding.

Animal Rights Activist Wayne Hsiung holding rain the goat
Animal Rights Activist Wayne Hsiung Denied Right to Show Evidence in Court

Animal rights activist Wayne Hsiung, recently convicted for rescuing a goat, has been fighting in court to get his evidence admitted.   Attorney and animal rights activist Wayne Hsiung was recently convicted in North Carolina. Now, he faces another trial in Utah that could land him in prison for a decade.

Soul Eubanks from Apex Advocacy
A New Intersectional Animal Rights Group Rises from Atlanta

APEX Advocacy is a new intersectional animal rights organization founded by activist Soul Eubanks which focuses on BIPOC communities 39-year-old Soul (Christopher) Eubanks says he founded APEX Advocacy with a very specific goal: to increase the number of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) who participate in animal activism.