Jordi Casmitjana

Jordi Casmitjana is a vegan zoologist and author.

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Teenager girl smiling in front of flowers
Teen Wins Vegan Discrimination Battle

VEGAN DISCRIMINATION IS EVERYWHERE We, vegans, know that vegan discrimination may come from every corner.…

Beyond Meat's IPO was one the most successful IPOs of the decade.
Vegan Stocks Make a Splash

THE RISE OF THE FAKE-MEAT TITANS In the last three years, makers of plant-based meat…

Composite images of factory farm animals, antibiotics and pandemics
A Court Challenge to End Factory Farming: Could it All Be Illegal?

COULD ALL OF FACTORY FARMING BE ILLEGAL? I will never forget the moment, as I…

Three women from behind closely watching a truck with chickens
A Decade of Bearing Witness for the Animals

An interview with some of the leaders of the Animal Save Movement, founder Anita Kranjc and Director of Communications James O’Toole, showing its history and the current campaign of stopping a new slaughterhouse

Front of an animal rights march with a banner saying "Vegan for Life"
The Vegan Rights Movement Is Happening Now!

A ‘vegan rights movement’ may already be germinating and there is a good vegan, human and animal case for it.