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Youths Strike Around the World!

Youths Strike Around the World!

The spokesperson for this movement, Greta Thunberg, is vegan for all the right reasons!

Thousands of teens mob City Hall! Mayor Eric Garcetti speaks! JaneUnchained News in front of City Hall in Los Angeles with the Youth Climate Marchers of Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles. Vegans, environmentalists, conservationists, animal rights advocates, indigenous warriors, and climate crisis fighters showed up today for climate justice!

Record numbers of youths walked out of school to take a stand for the planet!
Students gathered in record numbers around the world in over 150 countries. The United States was no exception as The Global Youth Climate Strike week began in cities across the country from September 20th-27th. In Downtown, Los Angeles alone as the Vegan Flag soared high, an estimated 15,000 people, mostly comprised of youths, gathered in to commence The Youth Climate Strike Week in LA! They are taking a stand to demand we save our planet by implementing sustainable practices and ending practices that are not. There were inspirational speakers who spoke about dismantling corporate interests and ending oil drilling. There were singers who sang moving songs. Even the iconic celebrity activist Jane Fonda was inspired to be there by Greta Thunberg and she gave a revolutionary speech!
The future is vegan if we are going to have a future at all!
We were so thrilled to see so many people holding vegan signs around the world. After all, animal agriculture is responsible for approximately 18 percent of greenhouse gasses which cause global warming. This is more than the whole transportation industry combined at 13 percent. We hope that anyone who wants to save the planet will realize that they must be vegan to accomplish this goal.
Students marched for the sake of their futures!
Overall, this event was incredibly well-orchestrated. These students were able to flood the streets of downtown. They even had the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, come down the steps of City Hall to address their concerns! He was incredibly impressed and said he would do everything in his power to make Los Angeles less dependant on fossil fuels, especially concerning the oil drilling happening right in the city!
Now we need to make the message loud and clear that people can help save our planet by living a vegan lifestyle. These youths are our future, and the future must be vegan if we are to have a future at all! Hopefully, all of these youths will follow the path of the vegan spokesperson for the movement, Greta Thunberg, and align what is on their plates with values. Great job kids and we will be excited to see you all fight for your futures this week and many more to come!
It was great to see a vegan presence in front of City Hall in Los Angeles!
Youth Climate Strike and animal agriculture representatives are welcome to respond at any time.
“Your mess, Our Future” reads loud and clear on one amazing sign! Time to clean up the mess beginning with our diets!

Students held strikes all over the US including Athens, Georgia, Oakland, Califonia, and Orlando, Florida to name a few where we had JaneUnchained contributors covering them!

Our home, our planet, is on fire!

Paige Parsons Roache reports LIVE for JaneUnChained.com

Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell and Climate Strike LA’s Instagram page.

Scroll down to see JaneUnchained’s coverage of the strikes in Athens, GA, Oakland, CA and Orlando, FL!


Athens, GA:




JaneUnchainedNews Live in Athens, Georgia at the University of Georgia. Concerned students & citizens are attending the Global Climate Strike.

Sarah Segal reports for JaneUnchained.

Oakland, CA:

#LIVE #ClimateStrike in Oakland on #JaneUnchained. DIET, Palm Oil, heating up the earth like a microwave and our kids future are all a part of the conversation and chants here in Oakland. Plus resources given on how to get involved such as ExtinctionRebellion.


Elysabeth Alfano reporting for JaneUnchained.


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Orlando, Florida:

LIVE at Climate Change Rally in Orlando with a multitude of bright young faces, including JaneUnChained favorite kid activist, VeganEvan!


Shannon Blair reporting for JaneUnChained.





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