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It’s a Party at Ellora Wellness Center’s Grand Opening!

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It’s a Party at Ellora Wellness Center’s Grand Opening!

Vanessa, the founder of Ellora Wellness shares her passion for health and fitness with everyone! She even gave the guests a pole dancing show!
JaneUnChained LIVE at the Grand Opening of Ellora Vegan Organic Wellness Center! Founded by the amazing and inspirational Vanessa Marsot, the center will bring transformative plant-based food, exercise, meditation, dance, massage, ethical shopping and plain old fun to your life! Check it out in Altadena, California just outside LA!
Live music was enjoyed by all!
Ellora Wellness is open and so is your opportunity to make a better you! You can come here and experience all of the amazing benefits of a healthy lifestyle while adhering to your vegan values. Everything from healthy snacks, beauty treatments, yoga classes, massage, and even pole dancing classes, can all be found under one roof at Ellora Wellness! This fun-filled Grand Opening Party was just a preview of all that this business has to offer. Guests enjoyed trying several different delicious and nutritious dishes from sunflower cacao cookies and chickpea curry to berry crumble and homemade sunflower cheeses. They also offered refreshments like hot apple cider and kombucha made in house! To top it all off, guest speaker John Pierre gave a talk that left guests feeling uplifted and ready to enhance their health, cognitive abilities, and compassion for others! It was an all-around amazing time! Make an appointment for your wellness makeover today at Ellora Wellness!


The audience was captivated by John Pierre’s words!

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Woman in the gym lifts a broccoli in the form of a dumbbel

2141 Lake Ave.
Altadena, CA 91001

Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.


Don’t miss guest speaker John Pierre in the next video!!!
JaneUnChained LIVE with nutrition and fitness consultant John Pierre, of Living With Harmony! This is one speech you won’t want to miss as he shares, in only a few minutes, the steps that can help you become a better version of yourself in every way every day.
John Pierre gave one of the most inspirational speeches we’ve ever heard!
John Pierre hit all of his key points starting with the simple changes we can do every day with our diet to promote our overall health. Next, he showed us how to get active in our everyday movements to increase our flexibility and fitness without needing to step into a gym. He also pointed out how important it is to leave our comfort zones cognitively in order to challenge our brains and keep them operating at their full capacity. John also encouraged us to treat ourselves and others compassionately. He pointed out that most of us were not born vegan so we should extend empathy to others as we try to show them a more compassionate way to live. His speech is one everyone, vegan or pre-vegan, should hear. It is sure to make you inspired to be a better version of yourself as you greet the world.
Spoken word poet and comedian entertainer extraordinaire, Sean Hill, has a special surprise for Vanessa Marsot! Watch and see what it is! Kim Delgado reporting for Jane Unchained News.
JaneUnChained LIVE at Ellora Wellness Vegan Organic Center – Altadena, California Grand opening! And Happy Birthdays! It’s called Birthday Party for Me and the Birth of Ellora Wellness! “Me” the founder of the wellness center, Vanessa Marsot, hosted this alongside her partner George McQuade who are both Jane Unchained News correspondents.
Live music was enjoyed by all!
Such an exciting day for Vanessa, George and all of their friends!
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